Christmas Cutlery Holders Australia

Christmas Cutlery Holders Australia

For those searching for Christmas Cutlery Holders in Australia there are a number of options out there if you want to purchase them. They are such a neat idea and only really seem to have come into being in the past few years. Here are three options for getting them within Australia.


Option 1: Order from Us

One option is that you can order from us, which we really want you to do given it is our store. Check out the following items which both come in a set of six for under $15.

Christmas Cutlery Holders Australia Santa Outfit Cutlery Holder

I personally prefer the Santa, Rudolph and Frosty ones (pictured left) as I feel they are kind of cuter but the Santa outfit (pictured right) is pretty neat all the same. The detail on both of these items is really neat, I love how those on the left are wearing scarfs and have Christmas tree decorations embroidered onto their shirts. However, the belt buckles are kind of neat on the one on the right. Click the images of both for more information.


Option 2: Make your Own

However, if all of these options are not particularly appealing do not forget your local dollar store. One simple trick is that you can buy some Christmas sockings, particularly if they are a smaller set, and make your own as shown in the image below:

Christmas Cutlery Holders Australia

All you need is to go down to your local dollar store and find some cheep decoration stockings that are small enough, then place the cutlery inside them. This is the cheapest and most practical option, though you are limited to just that one stocking design which is less sophisticated than other versions.


Option 3: Try E-bay

This may seem like an obvious option, but there are quite a few sellers offering this stuff on ebay all said and done. Just type ‘Christmas Cutlery Australia’ into the Ebay search and a whole list of them will come up. Given that it is getting closer and closer to Christmas you likely will want to avoid sellers who are not shipping from within Australia.